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As reported by Deadline. Ramirez plays a battle-scarred Army veteran called Hannah who tries to rebuild her life after returning to the Big Apple. When her estranged brother calls for help, she finds she's in fact in a fight for survival. Au natural: Allowing her natural good looks to speak for themselves, Ramirez went with minimal makeup and a soft palette.

The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Share this article Share. Leilou By Alex 'Cressida' dress Take a closer look here Share or comment on this article: Dania Ramirez rocks sheer lace top with tape over her nipples for the premiere of Dark Phoenix e-mail 9. Comments 47 Share what you think.

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Fallen British heroes buried in some of the world's poorest countries are still honoured by Poppies flutter over the white cliffs of Dover as WWII planes drop , bio-degradable flowers in I also remember there being 10 books in the series and the title being something like "The Thompson Family". I tried looking that up but it showed something else.

Thank You! OK, i have no idea if this is based on a book or not, but i'm lookinf for a story, potentially a movie where a boy named Jim i think goes to visit his grandma Sarah i think that's her name too haha for christmas. He is haunted by Tom's ghost who was Sarah's brother who died in the house's library fire whiles saving her.

Tom being his grandfather's also called jim i think best friend when they were young. The fire occurs around christmas. And i can't figure out what the name is. The ghost of The haunting of.. I've been scratching my head over this for a year now haha. So, a few years ago I read the first couple of books from epic fantasy series whose title and author escape me. I was reading them on a borrowed Kindle, so I can't even describe the cover.


In the series, the dwarfs want to invade the gnomes' tunnels because they believe the gnomes have awakened an ancient evil. A gnome girl is banished and along with her dog, Wolf, joins a band of dwarfs, elves, and humans to stop the evil. A wizard has taken over the kingdom and is using a plant to force people to work until they die. The parents of the gnome girl are trying to find her and get separated. The mother ends up being captured and tortured by the dwarfs. The father ends up befriending a band of dwarf scouts and kills an infamous wolf that has been terrorizing the mountains for years.

Does this sound familiar to anyone? Hi so I really need to know the name and author of this book. It has been bothering me for so long.

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Thanks you. I'm looking for a young adult fiction book that was about an abandoned plot of land. The book tells the story of this plot of land from different perspectives. For example, there is one woman who plants a garden in the lot. Hello, I am looking for a young adult fiction book that featured a red cover with elastic closure. The book was about a young man looking for his father with the d of a young woman. The book featured maps, illustrations, ticket stubs and drawings in a rustic manner.

It was set in the past and included sea travel. The name or author would be greatly appreciated. The book was about a young man looking for his father with the add of a young woman. Looking for an adult title. This book takes place during the 's and is about a black girl who moved to England to be a server at a home. All I know is the title has the word "house" in it. Thanks for your help.

Maybe a quote from isaiah? Looking for a childbirth book I had in the seventies. It was a large softcover featuring an "earthy" couple and their children. A baby was on its father's shoulders. The book featured detailed stories of various births; natural, at home, in water, induced, c section etc.

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It may have been titled "Birth". Im trying to find a vinyl children's book named, I am a little fish, by I. Do you know where I may be able to find one of these books? Thank you, Tracie.

Looking for a children's book I believe from the 90s, big and has blue cover with a huge sun on the cover and it's about a vagabond. I've been searching for years. I am trying to remember a book I read about two girls that lived together and something strange happens to them Looking for a childrens read along book that came with a cassette tape. Qas called the glass heart maybe? About a brother and sister and the one broke their heart and the other lent the sibling theirs.

They wear ack hoodies and I think people have different jobs, but the main character works in collecting the souls. Looking for a YA horror book I read in my teens. It might have been released in the early to mid s. I bigger book. Had a really creepy cover. There was a group of teens in it who were killed off brutally by a supernatural thing.

I'm pretty sure it was a witch? There was a really gruesome scene with a car crash in the woods. It happened in a cabin maybe? The places aren't named but gives descriptions of how the people lived and dressed etc Very colorful yet simple pictures. Author and as told by are cited. IThe child experiences diverse cultures all living peacefully. I loaned this beloved book to a small school for a special program and it was never returned.

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I want to replace it as a surprise for my now adult child as he was discussing it as a favorite just days ago. Trying to find a book that has got to do with teenagers and them having some magical abilities. The main character I think has the magical ability of darkness or night, I can't really remember. Please please please help! I have been looking for this book for close to 20 years. I read it as a teenager in the 90's.

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It's not a Sweet Valley High book. The book is about two young teenage girls and each year their family's vacation at beach and their vacation homes are next to each other. The girls are best friends and always look forward to see eaching other. The book is about the summer where one of the girls is growing up quicker than the other and she falls in love with a boy and the other girl feels left out.

That's all I can remember. I just know I read that book so many times as a kid and for some reason I can't remember the title. If anyone can help please email at katieabshire hotmail. Thank you in advance! Looking for a children's book from the 80's or 90's about a little girl who thinks the moon fell from the sky. Once outside she discovers it's a dirty piece of metal. I think the book came from Discovery Toys.