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But little things are really important. Start with pace and timing. Is the customer in a hurry? Or do they want to take things slow and steady? Speak and act at the same pace as the customer. In addition, you can do subtle things like adopt a similar posture, or use similar hand gestures. With the hand gestures, be careful. Be sure to approach customers once you see them exhibiting these signals. Failing to spot these signs or not acting in time could result in you missing out on the sale.

As you know, there are several types of customers who walk through your doors, and you need to tailor your approach accordingly. Check it out below:. Those are our tips and tricks to help anyone become a good sales person. If you are capable of creating a trusting relationship, you are capable of selling.

These tips are intended to help you create that relationship. Further Reading.

This handy resource offers 10 proven tactics for boosting retail sales and improving your bottom line. She writes about trends, tips, and other cool things that enable retailers to increase sales, serve customers better, and be more awesome overall. She's also the author of Retail Survival of the Fittest , a free eBook to help retailers future-proof their stores.

10 Online Classes to Kick-Start Your Sales Career if You Have Zero Experience

Great post Francesca, as usual! Very intuitive and well-written. What tech trends should retailers be aware of, an integrate with their existing marketing strategies? And I agree, keeping up with trends and leveraging tools to improve the customer is experience is a must for retailers. Beacons, for example, when used correctly, can make shopping more personal and convenient for customers, while allowing merchants to gather data about their shoppers.

The Seven Rules Of Cold Calling [INFOGRAPHIC]

And thanks for the link! I think the post offers a good overview of the hottest trends in retail today. I have been doing that without realizing I was. I am not very good at active listening. I tend to interject with an opinion or point after the first need or thought is expressed.

10. Use sales closing lines with confidence

This article was very helpful. Also, body language and tone is a huge deal in the small town I work in. It seems an associate gets written off easily by customers due to an unintended offense. It is always necessary for a sales person to be customer centric. Getting their attention can be tough, especially if your presentation is not well thought of.

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The average attention span of a person is 90 seconds. If you were not able to pass this, then they will lose interest in you and end the conversation. Practice different types of presentations to gain confidence to face the customer and get the attention you deserve from hard work. Fully customizable, automatically calculating, and email friendly quote template to help you stay organized and professional.

Social proof, such as positive reviews, references, and success stories, is a powerful sales tool. Pro tip: Use the power of storytelling to really drive your value home. Their thinking is: My time is better spent elsewhere. You are no longer selling a luxury to people. To learn more about this deal-closing strategy, check out our easy guide to increasing sales with existing customers. This came up in our Cleaning Industry Trends and Predictions :.

This also means sending an email for a quote after business hours is what works for them, communicating via text and email, and limiting actual phone calls and voicemails. We have found that especially in the last year, most people want to pay via credit card or e-transfer.

Get in front of that camera

So having those options readily available is definitely an asset. Processing with Jobber Payments directly has been a huge time saver on our end, easier for our clients, and definitely better to keep everything under one profile. Our final sales closing technique may seem counterintuitive, but it comes straight from Don Snow, owner of Halycon Consulting.

After years of experience, he believes most sales people are too pushy. If you push too hard, your clients will pull back. Just make sure you have a solid follow-up process. To help you confidently walk into that closing conversation, here are some respectful, non-pushy sales-closing phrases you can use:. As you can see, each of these sales lines keeps the conversation open, while giving the prospect either added confidence in your abilities, or an incentive to get started ASAP. Sales is an art, not a science.

Industries Find Your Industry. Earn your prospect's trust.

Establish a genuine rapport. Get Access.

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Be prepared to overcome objections. Here is an example: Hi, do you need a window cleaner? Create and send detailed quotes. Always, always follow-up. Need an easy quote template fast? Get your free quote template now! Get it now! Use social proof. Another effective strategy is to let former customers do the selling for you. Increase sales with existing customers. Follow up with the client and ask if you can assist with that.

18 No-Brainer Ways to Connect with More Prospects More Easily

Use tech as a sales tool. Consumer demographics and expectations are changing. Disconnect yourself from the sale. Use sales closing lines with confidence.