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All segments of Muslim society, however, are bound by a common faith and a sense of belonging to a single community. With the loss of political power during the period of Western colonialism in the 19th and 20th centuries, the concept of the Islamic community ummah , instead of weakening, became stronger.

The faith of Islam helped various Muslim peoples in their struggle to gain political freedom in the midth century, and the unity of Islam contributed to later political solidarity.

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Divided into suras chapters of unequal length, it is the fundamental source of Islamic teaching. The suras revealed at Medina at a later period in the career of the Prophet are concerned for the most part with social legislation and the politico-moral principles for constituting and ordering the community. In Islam it came to mean the example of the Prophet—i.

Six of these collections, compiled in the 3rd century ah 9th century ce , came to be regarded as especially authoritative by the largest group in Islam, the Sunnis. Nevertheless, certain outstanding Muslim thinkers e. You are using an outdated browser. Please upgrade your browser to improve your experience and security.

Article Media. Info Print Print. Still, signs of these African Muslims can be found embedded within the historical record. It is not uncommon for slave registers from plantations to list Muslim names of Arabic origin.

Islam: Religion, History, and Civilization by Seyyed Hossein Nasr

As African Americans moved out of the South in waves such as the Great Migration, they brought traces of Islamic practices with them, oftentimes unknowingly. Some of the first blues songs, evolved from slave field hollers, show striking melodic similarities to the Islamic call to prayer. Howell has conducted research and interviews in Detroit, which saw the creation of several African American Muslim communities in the midth century.

Examples included one man whose grandmother fixated on washing ears and taking shoes off before entering rooms. Conservatives roll their eyes when you mention the Crusades — oh, that old thing? If that was a perversion of Christianity, as many argue, or a fluke, then why can we not extend the same thinking toward, say, the Muslim conquests of the Middle East, or, dare I say it, the Islamic State?

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You cannot argue that one religion is inherently violent because of the following historical examples, and then wave away the violent history of Christianity and say the exception proves the rule. Time after time, as Crusaders slogged southeast on their umpteenth trip to the Holy Land, they slaughtered the Jews in their path.

Introduction to cultures and religions for the study of AP Art History

They herded them into synagogues and set the buildings alight. The Crusaders killed so many Jews in the name of their Christian faith that it was the most stunning demographic blow to European Jewry until the Holocaust. Which, just a friendly reminder, happened in Christian, civilized Europe only some years ago. The Christian Church was ruthless with people whose faith was in any way a deviation from the canon, torturing and burning heretics at the stake.

Islam: Faith, Practice & History

Jewish life in Muslim countries, though still saddled with all kinds of restrictions and orders to wear funny clothing and sporadic violence, was far less bloody than in the civilized Christian West. I would much rather he address the persecution of Jewish journalists by his own followers, some of whom freely interweave Christian symbols, white power references, and violent threats in their communications.

Islam, the Quran, and the Five Pillars All Without a Flamewar: Crash Course World History #13

Just for the radical Muslims. Watching Trump and the Christian right go after Islam for being homophobic is, frankly, jaw-dropping.

History of Islam

And yet, in the wake of the Orlando shooting, some Christians came out to say what they really thought of those gays in that club. In fact, the unbelievable vitriol with which conservative Christians have insisted on maligning not just radicals but an entire religion looks a lot like the kind of violence and intolerance of which they accuse Muslims. Friday will mark the one-year anniversary of Dylann Roof killing nine people in the middle of a Bible study in Charleston, S.

By some accounts , Roof came from a church-going family and attended Christian summer camp. Did Roof kill his fellow Christians because he was deranged or because Christianity is violent? The answer is neither. They are not exceptions, nor do they speak to a violence inherent in Christianity. Because my point is not that Christianity is evil. But neither is it inherently peaceful and loving. And neither is Islam. Nor Judaism nor Hinduism nor Buddhism.

No religion is inherently peaceful or violent, nor is it inherently anything other than what its followers make it out to be.

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