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You should have a large list of questions and topics you want to cover on front of you so that you can always ask something new if the conversation starts to die out. Just to provide some context, the product is a management information system MIS for small printing companies.

Cold Calling is Dead | Sales Strategies | The Sales Leader

That means that my prospects are printing companies with 2 — 8 employees. This quickly tells the prospect my name and role. It instantly establishes a connection between myself and the prospect who is also in Dublin. This gives them a chance to respond.

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Firstly it gives you a chance to judge their mood. You can often hear either intrigue or suspicion in their voice. Secondly it establishes that this is going to be a two way communicative experience. Either way, this line should help to relax the prospect a little and make them more responsive.

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  • Word choice can be very important in this line. The other good thing about it is that the ordering of a print job happens at the start of the total printing workflow. That means that if they answer this first question, talking about the rest of the workflow is a natural progression.

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    Regardless, your job of opening the call is now complete. Too busy right now.

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    The correct response is to simply ask them when might be a more suitable time to call. If they give you this response every time you try to call them the just flag them as unresponsive and move on. This case is also pretty easy to handle. If they offer you an estimate of when said person will be back then just wait and call them back later in the day. Make sure you leave a gap between the scheduled return time and the actual time you call. One thing to keep in mind is that this is a customer development call and you should be looking to talk to anyone and everyone in the establishment.

    The person dealing with you is likely a receptionist or secretary of some description.

    20 Cold Calling Tips and Tricks That Really Work (Updated)

    These people can be mines of information. For example, in print shops the receptionist often takes email orders from customers and knows that part of the process intimately. I could ask them what they do with those orders and who they pass them onto. Remember that the strategies I present here are not set-in-stone. They key to successful calls is to keep experimenting with different ideas until you find something which works really well in your specific situation and industry.

    This was originally posted on my blog: Optimizing your customer development cold calls. Credit goes to Colm Tuite for making the amazing images. Even in today's virtual world, the obituary for cold calling is premature. Ideally your phone would be ringing off the hook all day with clients offering you business but the reality is that if you want business, you need to go after it , and as part of your outbound marketing strategy, cold calling can be a very effective sales tactic if it's done properly.

    If the thought of cold calling makes your stomach drop to your toes these cold calling tips won't eliminate your fear, but they will help you make it a more successful experience. Beginners tend to think that cold calling is about making the sale. It's not. It's about getting the chance to make the sale. Specifically, the purpose of a cold call is to set an appointment to make the pitch.

    You need to target your cold calling to the right audience. Use market research to focus on your target market. Then find out as much as you possibly can about the company or individual you're going to call in advance. This gives you the huge advantage of being able to talk about their business and their needs when you call them. According to the Gartner Group, in a typical business with employees an average of seven people are responsible for most buying decisions, so connecting with the right people is critical to your cold calling success.

    According to statistics from Vorsight , if the person you are calling is in a common LinkedIn group you are 70 percent more likely to get to speak with them on a cold call. This lets you organize your thoughts before calling, and helps you avoid common mistakes in the opening that would give the person you're calling the chance to terminate the conversation.

    For instance, when you're cold calling, you should never ask, "Is this a good time to talk? This organizational scheme for cold calling from AllBusiness. This is Kendra Brown with Green Works.

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    Six Stages of a Winning Cold Call Strategy

    I read in the local paper that you recently broke ground for a new office complex. We specialize in commercial landscape services that allow you to reduce in-house maintenance costs and comply with the city's new environmental regulations. I'd like to ask a few questions to determine whether one of our programs might meet your needs. Lay out the benefits of your product or service and the reasons your prospect should buy. Write out possible objections and your answer to them.