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Organs on Face Forehead. Basics Face Shapes. Home Dream Meanings Fire. Fire Dreams Meaning and Interpretation.

Burning Dreams

Fire can awaken people's strong feelings, such as envy, lust and passion; it can destroy everything, also brings the great purification breeding new life. In Chinese traditional concept, fire is closely related to luck and wealth. Therefore, there are many interpretations to the dreams about fire. From the positive perspective, it symbolizes passion, desire and wealth; from the negative perspective, however, it means frustration, anger, worry or destruction.

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If you often dream about fire, or dream about dealing with fire, working near the fire, or being in a fire and feeling thirsty, it may suggest that you will suffer from the diseases like hypertension and you'd better check in the hospital in time. If a man dreams about fire, it indicates that he is full of hope and confidence for the career.

Stuck In Burning Dreams | Erik K Skodvin

If a woman dreams about fire, it indicates that she is full of love and hope for the life. Dreaming about a blazing fire is a good sign which indicates good fortune and getting promoted. For young people, it also suggests that you are full of hope, confidence and love for life and career. Dreaming about piles of fire suggests that you may get promoted in the near future.

What does a house fire mean in your dream?

Dreaming about feeling burnt by a fire suggests that the new situation may get you into trouble. If you are not burnt, it indicates that you will have good news.

Dreaming about being burnt to death by a fire suggests that you are afraid of the coming new situation or new relationship. Dreaming about your house on fire suggests that you will live a rich life and have abundant property, or you will soon get what you want. Dreaming about the fire was put out indicates that you will suffer financial loss or lose the love. Dreaming about others' houses or other buildings on fire suggests that your relatives or friends may ask you for emergency relief, or the factors which have been holding you back will be eliminated and you can start all over again.

Fire Dreams Meaning and Interpretation

Dreaming about escaping from a fire indicates that you will overcome all difficulties to achieve success. Dreaming about rescuing someone from a fire indicates that you will have a sincere friend helping you to get over difficulties and really caring about your health. Dreaming about putting out a fire as a firefighter indicates that you may suffer financial loss. So at this time, you should not borrow from others or lend money to others to solve the economic crisis to avoid a dispute in the future. Dreaming about a mountain on fire may indicate the disaster.

Dreams Of Fire Burning House.

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