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In our opinion, a promising way of working with MGE would be to suppress internal mitogenetic stimulation in the system, and then stimulate cell division in it by external inductors of MGE. It is certainly complicated to figure out an agent, specifically suppressing MGE without any toxic effect. But first, there is some information available on this topic Gurwitsch and Gurwitsch, ; Gurwitsch, , and second, it might be the most vivid method of addressing the effect. As shown by tentative experiments Beloussov, , ; Volodyaev and Beloussov, , such analysis reveals a definite radiation component in the responses of cells to the action of various non-specific stresses Figure 5 , cytoskeletal inhibitors and growth factors Figure 6.

The latter is of a special interest, because it confirms connections between photon emission and induction of cell division performed in these experiments by chemical agents. In addition, Fourier analysis permitted to observe the radiation component in the crucial developmental event, known as mid-blastula transition and associated with the burst of embryonic genes activation Figure 7.

In any case, detection of the optical range energies obeying regular temporal patterns greatly enriches our view upon cell signaling, gene expression and the function of cytoskeletal components.

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Physical measure of UPE cannot give any information about its biological role if there is any. A fully parallel research of biological MGE and UPE from the same objects, and most important, under identical conditions including temperature, light, aeration, etc… should be done, if a good and stable biological effect is obtained.

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The authors' view is that research on MGE should be renewed with the use of the entire set of powerful approaches acquired by modern science. The authors declare that the research was conducted in the absence of any commercial or financial relationships that could be construed as a potential conflict of interest. It's characterized with slow growth, oxygen-based metabolism and slow reorganization toward the stationary phase. The real stationary phase G 0 starts after that and is much closer to dormitant states.

These two states were mixed until s. These cultures are definitely not G 0 which starts 7—10 days after inoculation at these conditions , and according to the present-day terminology are post-diauxic.

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As this phase is transitional from growth to stationary state , the exact age of the culture can also be important for its sensitivity to MGE see below. Acs, L. I Abt. Albrecht-Buehler, G. A long-range attraction between aggregating 3T3 cells mediated by near-infrared light scattering. Mitogenetic rays? Nature , — Audubert, R.

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Emission of ultra-violet rays by chemical reactions. Faraday Soc. PubMed Abstract Google Scholar. Baron, M. Analyse der mitogenetischen induktion und deren bedeutung in der biologie der hefe. Planta 10, 28— Barth, H. Physical studies of mitogenetic radiation in Russian. XLVI , — Bateman, J.

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Mitogenetic radiation. Beloussov, L. Exploring the dynamic background of the developmental processes and cell reactions with the use of an ultraweak photon emission. Biosystems 68, — Beloussov, V. Voeikov, and V. Martynyuk Dordrecht: Springer , — Beloussov, F. Popp, and V. Voeikov Moscow: Moscow Univeristy Press , — Google Scholar. Statistical and frequency-amplitude characteristics of ultraweak emissions of the loach eggs and embryos under the normal conditions and during their optical interactions.

Ultraweak emission of chick eggs and embryos: non-additive interaction of two emitters and stable non-equilibricity. PubMed Abstract. Biophotonics and Coherent Systems in Biology. From molecular machines to macroscopic fields: an accent to characteristic times.

Binhi, V. Magnetobiology: the kT paradox and possible solutions. Blacher, L.

Einfluss der mitogenetischen strahlen auf die goschwindigkeit der regeneration. Roux Arch. Boveris, A. Ultraweak chemiluminescence: a sensitive assay for oxidative radical reactions. Budagovskii, A. Biofizika 46, — Burlakov, A. Ontogenez 31, — Celan, E. Jezowska-Trzebiatowska, B. Kochel, J. Slawinski, and W. Chariton, J. Uber die wellenlange und intensitat mitogenetischer strahlung.

Naturwissonschaften 18, Cifra, M. Electromagnetic cellular interactions. Ultra-weak photon emission from biological samples: definition, mechanisms, properties, detection and applications. Colli, L. Light emission by germinating plants. Nuovo Cimento 12, — Fels, D. Cellular communication through light. Ferguson, A. Zum Nachweis mitogenetischer strahlung durch beschleunigtes wachstum von Bakterien.

Frank, G. Das mitogenetische reizminimum und -maximum und die wellenlange mitogenetischer strahlen.

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Ueber die erforschung mitogeneti. Uber den physikalischen nachweis mitogenetischer strahlung und die intensitat der muskelstrahlung. Naturwissenschaften 19, Grasso, F. Self-irradiation effect on yeast cells. Gray, J. Grebe, L. Versuche zum physicalischen nachweis der mitogenetische strahlung. Strahlentherapie 60, — Grey, J.

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Apparent mitogenetic inactivity of active cells. Guillery, H. Uber bedingungen des wachstums auf grund von untersuchungen an gowebskulturen.

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Virchows Arch. Gurvich, A. Mitogenetic Analysis of the Excitation of the Nervous System. Gurwitsch, A. L'excitation mitogenetique du systeme nerveux central. Leningrad: Meditzina. A historical review of the problem of mitogenetic radiation.